By Isabel Jones
Dec 22, 2016 @ 4:00 pm

Though Queen Elizabeth has been a bit under the weather this holiday season, the monarch has an incredible stand-in. Dame Helen Mirren, who famously played the royal onscreen, stands ready to deliver her own personal version of a stately holiday address to the Christmas-craving masses.

During a visit to The Graham Norton Show with Collateral Beauty costars Naomie Harris and Will Smith, Mirren was tasked with reciting a Christmas message.

Once the 71-year-old was poised and ready, she began, “Hello. At this time of celebration and togetherness, we have the chance to reflect on the year gone by.” Holding to her queenly persona without so much as a giggle, Mirren continued, “And I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a big pile of sh-t.” Sing it, Dame Helen! “So my advice to you is drink responsibly and be merry. Have a very happy Christmas.”

Keeping her appearance relevant, Mirren added, “But above all—go see Collateral Beauty, out on Boxing Day.”

“And that’s Mirren, out!” Dame Helen sang before dropping her mic in a very queenly fashion.

Remember: Don’t fret over the year’s misfires, 2016’s mic drop is next!