By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Jan 11, 2018 @ 1:30 pm
Helen Mirren
Credit: Getty Images

Dame Helen Mirren is an Oscar-winning actress with a medley of upcoming projects, she's landed lucrative beauty contracts, and she also just realized own age on Thursday.

The actress was pleasantly surprised to learn that she is, in fact, 72 years old. She learned the information on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after the host complimented Mirren for not shying away from discussing her age openly. All was going well until Ellen DeGeneres said Mirren was 72, which caught the actress completely off guard.

Helen Mirren
Credit: Getty Images

“I think I’m 73! My husband and I, we forget,” Mirren said.

When DeGeneres assured her that she is 72 years old, Mirren started to come around to the idea.

“Are you sure? I’m 72? This is fantastic! I’ve just made a whole year. Because my husband and I thought we were 74 and then weworked it out and no, we’re 73. So we both went, ‘Oh, fantastic, we’ve got a whole extra year!’ And now I’ve got another year.”

With how busy Mirren has kept herself lately, we have no doubt that she'll use her extra year wisely.