Credit: Getty Images (2); Courtesy Photo (4)

1. Heidi Klum posed as the new Celebrity Ambassador for "Stand Up to Cancer. [JustJared]

2. David Barton Gym is offering a free weight training class to help relieve all your Tax Day stress. [David Barton Gym]

3. Demi and Ashton's latest campaign for their DNA Foundation features an original t-shirt. [People Stylewatch]

4. Khloe Kardashian has a bejeweled phone to match her sparkly heels. Talk about coordination! [Celebuzz]

5. Trying new skin treatment routines may be the trick for adjusting to summer temperatures. [Real Simple]

6. TGIF! Speaking of Friday, the men of Glee will be belting out a cover of Rebecca Black's hit tune on an upcoming episode. [CNN]