Heidi Klum rolls with Jimmy Fallon.
Credit: Courtesy

On Wednesday night, Heidi Klum became the latest celebrity to take part in The Tonight Show’s "This Is How We Roll" segment, following in Halle Berry’s tumbling footsteps. (OK, Jimmy Fallon, we're officially on to you.)

The stunning, fearless model—who stopped by to promote the current seasons of America's Got Talent and Project Runway—locked limbs with Fallon (who swore he wasn't peeking) and rolled across the floor to attempt both the "human wheel" and the "German wheel." Klum had the German variety on lock, of course, and looked darn good doing it too. While she opted to take off her stiletto sandals, she pulled off the athletic maneuvers in a lacy taupe mini dress.

Stop, drop what you're doing, and watch Heidi Klum's turn with "This Is How We Roll" here:

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