By Meredith Lepore
Aug 30, 2016 @ 8:45 am

James Corden often puts his guests to the challenge musically, what with singing live on Carpool Karaoke and having to rap and also roast on Celebrity Rap Battles (both of which are getting spinoff series). Corden decided to give the world another musical game called First Line, Every Line with his guests Heidi Klum and Josh Groban Monday night on The Late Late Show.

The perk of this game? You only have to know the lyrics of the very first line of the song. That's right. The only rule is to take the first line of a song and replace every line of the song with that first line. As Groban, the first contestant said, "This seems like a well-thought-out, intellectually stimulating challenge. I'm excited about it." Corden noted that, "Presumably on your tour, you sing every line of your songs."

Corden kicked things off with Jon Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" and just continued to repeat that first line, "Tommy used to work on the docks," for the duration of the song. Groban went with Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" which begins, "I stay out too late," and, once again, that was all he sang for the whole song. For Cordon's second song, which "is not so much a song, but a message," he chose Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All," to grab that emotional vote. And how could he not by repeating the line, "I believe the children our our future"? Clearly it worked as the audience threw their hands in the air and waved them back and forth. But they also seemed to like Groban's choice of Sia's "Chandelier," which starts off "Party girls don't get hurt."

Though Groban did a great job, Corden said, "There's an obvious winner tonight," clearly indicating himself. "James, you're wrong. That is literally the best I've sounded in my entire life," said Groban. "You're saying you think you won, and I'm saying I won. If only we had some professional talent judge who could tell us if we've got talent," said Corden. Cue supermodel and America's Got Talent judge Klum, who then walked out onstage.

"I can help!" she said. "This one was really, really hard to judge. I don't think there's a winner or loser. We're all champions, you guys, we're all champions," she said before going right into singing the first line of "We Are the Champions." On the fourth round of "I paid my dues," Groban and Corden joined in. Well, there is definitely less thinking involved in this new song contest, but it is still quite entertaining.