Heidi Klum's Jessica Rabbit Costume Took 10 Hours to Put On

Heidi Klum
Photo: Andrew Toth

From a skinless cadaver to a 95-year-old woman, somehow Heidi Klum manages to outdo herself every year for Halloween. At Klum's star-studded Halloween party at Lavo in New York City, sponsored by GSN’s Hellevator and SVEDKA Vodka, the queen of costumes shocked us all, once again, when she showed up as an amazingly rendered Jessica Rabbit.

Though she posted detailed images on Instagram, we got the inside scoop. Klum revealed to InStyle all the details that go into such a drastic transformation. The supermodel first explained why she chose the sultry cartoon, "Jessica Rabbit is definitely an icon, and I always try and find someone that people would know and recognize."

It's no secret a lot of time and effort went into creating this look and Klum broke things down: "I decided on Jessica Rabbit probably like 8 months ago, and that's when we got started. Christian Siriano made the dress." The strapless beaded number was spectacular, but there was a lot of work that went into getting everything just right. "We kind of had to glue it on," continued Klum while adding, "The hardest part about getting ready was holding still. Especially when you have to stand up. When you do the face you can sit, but when the body was being glued on then I had to stand for so many hours."

When asked how many hours exactly the 42-year-old star confessed, "I started at 12:00 p.m. and then I literally just put my shoes on and got here at 10:30 p.m." (Yikes! Talk about commitment to the process.)

But the meticulous attention to details definitely paid off and the character's curvy shape was perfectly replicated. Putting on the heavy costume is only part of the fun. Klum's transformation was finalized with a sultry personality and hip swaying dance moves. The Project Runway judge continued, "You don't have to move that much. The booty does it all by its self. It's a lot of fun."

See how it all happpened with the Instagram images below!

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