There was a whole event just for the reveal.


Heidi Klum takes Halloween very, very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that instead of just revealing her costume at a big party, she managed to take over an entire Amazon Prime bookstore and give passersby (and fans alike) a peek into just how much work goes into one of her larger-than-life getups.Peoplereports that it all went down in New York City, adding that Klum shared all the steps on her Instagram feed. All in all, it took 10 hours to complete, but judging by all the hoopla in and around the store, it was well worth it.

While past costumes have involved full-body prosthetics, this year's promised to be even more involved. Klum shared clips of herself getting a wig cap fitted and having body paint applied.

It took so long that Klum needed a break to eat (and stretch, since she was sitting down for so long).

Followers were guessing what the finished product would be the entire time, with guesses such as Frankenstein and a zombie filling up Klum's comments.

There was even a Project Runway reunion when Tim Gunn dropped by.

And as for the big reveal? The finished product was a mashup between a Frankenstein and a zombie, with visible muscles under Klum's stretched faux skin. There were also plenty of biomechanical details like metal plates, screws, and bolts, making for a unique blend of undead allure and steampunk tech.

The finished product more than 11 hours later? You be the judge.