Heidi Klum Says Her Son Looks Exactly Like Seal

Heidi Klum may be a busy TV host-model-designer-multitalented superwoman, but at her core, she's a mom—and a very proud one. She took a break from her busy New York Fashion Week schedule to chat with People about how her sons are growing up, and she got candid.

“My boys are very sexy,” Klum said at the New York premiere of House of Z Thursday night. She added with a laugh: “They’re very young and I probably shouldn’t say that, that they’re sexy.”

Klum has two sons with ex-husband (and her America's Got Talent bud) Seal, Henry, 11, and Johan, 10. She also has two daughters, Leni, 13, and Lou Sulola, 7.

“My boys are all very tall, they’re very thin. They have just rocking bodies," she said and noted that she expects to have to "fend off the ladies."

“There’s going to be a line around my house," she added.

Considering how Klum described her son Henry as bearing a particularly strong resemblance to Dad, her comments sound reasonable.

"He looks like Seal and I think Seal is very hot and very handsome,” she said. “He looks just like his dad—he has this little gap here in his teeth.”

While Henry looks like Seal, Johan reminds Klum of professional athletes.

"He looks almost like a European soccer player. He has this gorgeous, mixed skin and he’s so sweet and he has beautiful, big lips," she said. "His hair is just so wild and big. My little one has the most gorgeous hair.”

Sounds like the kids inherited their parents' superstar features.

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