You can't talk about celebrity Halloween costumes without bringing up the grand master of them: Heidi "Queen of Halloween" Klum.

Each year, the supermodel dazzles us with her creative, spooky, and sometimes kooky looks, and it's looking like we should expect the same come October. It might only be September, but Klum is preparing well in advance for her holiday costume, and we're loving what we see.

She took to Instagram on Monday to post picture and videos of herself having prosthetics made of her hands and face made. The process looks pretty intense.

While we don't know yet what she'll be, we do know it'll be "scary." In 2016, Klum went to her Halloween party with five clones of herself, but she told Ellen DeGeneres this week that 2017 will be more trick and less treat.

"Last year I was just being me because I thought 'I need a year off' so I had like 5 clones and I could just be me ... but I don't think people were too impressed with that." she told DeGeneres. "This year I have to really give it some. I have so many prosthetics on my hands and on my face. I had to do that yesterday. So that was slimy and gross."

We literally can't wait. Is it Oct. 31 yet??