#Heartbreaking TV Last Night: Glee, X Factor, Grey's Anatomy

Photo: Courtesy of Fox (2); Courtesy of ABC

TV usually makes us so happy, but last night was unusually heartbreaking: Britney Spears cried on X Factor, Eric Dane took his final bow on Grey’s Anatomy, and Glee actually started at Twitter hashtag #heartbreaking with Finn and Rachel’s break-up episode. Grab yourself a tissue and scroll down for the complete breakdown.

X FactorSixty remaining acts competed to get one step closer to the $5 million dollar prize during last night’s boot camp. The intense emotions and pressure led to forgotten lyrics, off-key notes, and judge Britney Spears in tears. “I couldn’t help getting emotional,” Tweeted Spears. “It’s so hard to watch them crack under pressure when I know they want it so badly.” #heartbreaking

GleeThe upbeat show took a melancholy turn—something we should have figured from its title, “The Break-Up”—when our favorite McKinley High couple, Rachel and Finn, parted ways. Tears splashed everywhere, especially when the episode culminated in an emotional ensemble rendition of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” Watch the video below. #heartbreaking

Grey’s AnatomyEric Dane's character Dr. Mark Sloane, affectionately known as McSteamy, died on last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy due to the fatal injuries he got in the plane crash from last season’s finale. Primetime TV just won’t be the same without those abs. #heartbreaking

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