By Meghan Overdeep
Updated Mar 07, 2016 @ 11:00 am
Hayden Panettier - Day at the beach
Credit: @haydenpanettier/Twitter

Life is good for Hayden Panettiere. Just a few short months after leaving treatment for postpartum depression, the Nashville star seems to be feeling better than she has in a long time. Panettiere, 26, her fiance Wladimir Klitschko, 39, and their 14-month old daughter Kaya made their way to the shore on Saturday for some fun family time, which the actress documented and shared on Twitter.

One of the photos (below) shows Klitschko resting his chin atop the head of a smiling Panettiere. "My [heart emoji]" she wrote alongside the cute pic.

Another photo shows Klitschko (a Ukranian-born boxer) kneeling down for a sweet moment with their daughter at the shoreline. "The loves of my life" Panettiere tweeted.

The actress has become an advocate for women struggling with postpartum depression and has worked to encourage other moms to feel more comfortable speaking about it. "The only important thing to me is that I'm not causing myself pain and discomfort anymore, and I can be a strong woman for my daughter to look up to," she told People in January. "It would horrible for me to be going, 'You can be whomever you want! You can do whatever you want in life!' yet I was unable to follow the same words."

Panettiere recently competed on Lip Sync Battle (before Christina Aguilera herself crashed Panettiere's performance of "Lady Marmalade"!) in a tight race against Eva Longoria.