Hayden panitierre
Credit: Twitter / haydenpanettier

We've all been there: the dramatic new haircut after a the big breakup, a huge change in our career, or in Hayden Panettiere's case, recovery from post-partum depression. The actress has been seeking treatment since the birth of her daugther Kaya, and has bravely spoken out about PPD, encouraging women to be more comfortable speaking about it.

Panettiere used her gorgeous blonde locks to make the statement this time, posting this shoulder-grazing cut above on her Twitter feed with the caption: "Chopping hair off is like getting rid of metaphorical and literal dead ends. Off with the old and growing the new [strong arm emoji]."

The flatttering new cut takes just a few inches off Panettiere's ends, as you can see from this beach shot just a few days ago.

A little me-time pampering doesn't hurt for the hot mama either. Panettiere posted this photo while relaxing at the Anthony Leonard salon just earlier today.