Have Questions for InStyle's Editor, Ariel Foxman? Ask Him in Our Next Twitterview!

Ariel Foxman Twitterview
Photo: Alex Reside for InStyle.com

You had so many fantastic questions for InStyle's editor, Ariel Foxman, this summer during his first ever Twitterview, so we're going to host another one this Monday, October 28 at 1pm EST! He’ll answer whatever you want to know about breaking into the magazine industry, what it's like to sit front row at Fashion Week, or what to wear to a big interview you have coming up. So don't be shy, and get your questions in early by commenting on this post with your Q, or by tweeting @InStyle using the hashtag #AskAriel. Then, follow @ArielFoxman and @InStyle on Twitter on Monday, October 28 at 1pm EST to participate in the Twitterview. Make sure to use #AskAriel to follow along!

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