Harvey Weinstein Has Reached a Tentative $25 Million Deal with His Accusers

He won't have to admit wrongdoing or pay with his own money. 

Harvey Weinstein has reached a tentative $25 million settlement agreement with dozens of his sexual misconduct accusers, the New York Times reports. The deal would not require him to admit any wrongdoing or pay any of his own money, lawyers involved in negotiations told the Times.

Harvey Weinstein
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The disgraced producer has been accused of multiple counts of sexual assault and rape in lawsuits from more than 30 actresses and former Weinstein employees. Per the deal, his accusers — along with potential claimants who could join in coming months — would share in the payout. The deal would also bring to an end nearly every such lawsuit against him and his former company.

The proposed settlement has gotten preliminary approval from all the major parties involved, several of the lawyers told the Times. It would require court approval and a final signoff by all parties, and would be paid for by insurance companies representing his former studio, the Weinstein Company.

Weinstein is set to be go to trial at a Manhattan court on Jan. 6th on charges of sexual assault involving two women.

On Wednesday, he arrived at a bail hearing using a walker, reportedly ahead of back surgery. The hearing dealt with Weinstein's bail conditions, in light of new bail reforms set to take effect in 2020.

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