Here's why fans are freaking out. 


The Star Wars franchise is known for its commitment to secrecy (and its A-list cameos), but the newest and final installment in the sequel trilogy, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, is perhaps the most mysterious of all.

Star Wars veteran Mark Hamill stirred the digital pot on Monday when he tweeted four images, three of which showcased British celebrities who’d played stormtroopers in past films: Prince William and Prince Harry, Tom Hardy, and Daniel Craig. The fourth image showed Harry Styles, dressed as a stormtrooper at a party (presumably for Halloween). “Tonight #TheRiseOfSkywalker Premiere finally brings closure to my dysfunctional family! Wonder who'll be the #SecretStormtrooper in this one? Considering they've all been UK Superstars (2 Royals+2 Actors) but still no singer, all the clues point in one direction: #Stylestrooper,” Hamill captioned the photo collage.

I mean, the logic tracks … Unsurprisingly, fans ran with Hamill’s theory.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. May the force be with each and every Styler.