By Jonathan Borge
Updated Jun 04, 2018 @ 12:30 pm

You heard it here first: We are living in the age of the chicken.

Our egg-laying animal friends may have spent thousands of years clucking quietly and crossing roads, but the species is now on the verge of insurmountable levels of fame.

We’re not crazy. Hear us out.

Over the weekend, Gucci dropped another one of its romantic campaigns, and this one fictitiously chronicled one man’s love affair with his best friend: a chicken. In it, former One Direction cutie Harry Styles suavely parades about the streets of north London in tailored Alessandro Michele-approved suits as he picks up some fish and chips for lunch (how British of him) and enters the shop with his pal tucked under his arm.

Why chickens were involved in this campaign’s production remains a Gucci mystery as curious as the case of the runway-ready severed head, but hey, we’re living in weird times, right? In addition to the chicken, Styles also poses with cute pups and, according to Gucci, shared his lunch with the animals.

It’s a funny concept, but if there’s anyone that could make chickens cool, it’s Styles.

But he’s not the first one! Here’s the thing: chickens were hot AF in 2014, and we’re now finally seeing a chicken resurgence. Patience, dear chickens, is a virtue.

Four years ago, this very magazine included chicken coops in our December 2014 Style 100 guide, which chronicled the most of-the-moment things celebrities and fashion folk were up to that year. Chicken coops were on the list thanks to celebrities like Julia Roberts, Gisele Bündchen, and Jennifer Aniston, all of whom started raising little birds for their health.

In fact, Roberts told us about it for the September 2014 issue of InStyle. "My husband is a very healthy and environmentally minded person, so we grow food at our house," she said. "We raise chickens for eggs." The following April, Lady Gaga joined in on the fun and got a coop of her own in Malibu.

Styles may not have a coop, but like all trends, the rise in chicken popularity has shifted a bit. Instead of celebrities raising them at home, 2018’s version is more about fashion—about keeping up with the Joneses.

Just ask the very chicken featured in the Gucci campaign, which according to Twitter, is keeping it #Guccy.