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By Bruner
Jan 13, 2017 @ 11:45 am
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A new restaurant named Pasta Wiz opened recently in Brooklyn, with a unique spin: it takes inspiration from the world of the Chosen One himself, Harry Potter. But instead of serving dishes that house elves traditionally cook up for Hogwarts students (namely British pub standbys like Shepherd’s pie and treacle tart), this new eatery is actually—as the name implies—an Italian fast-food joint.

The only “magic” the restaurant promises is exceptionally fast casual food. “While the interior of the Pasta Wiz flagship resembles a wizard’s enchanted lair, the real magic shines through in the prep time of their dishes: approximately 3 minutes,” its website states. “The dish getting the most buzz at the moment, is a low/no calorie, soy-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free vegan shirataki noodle, made from the konjac yam in Japan.”

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That particular concoction does sound like something a potion-maker might dream up. And in the Williamsburg world of Pasta Wiz, “magic” also translates to “technology:” iPads are used to tap out orders, proving that the future has truly arrived for this wannabe Great Hall; Hermione would certainly appreciate the minimization in labor.

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They decorated with a number of subtle references to the more retro wizarding world, from a wrinkled Sorting Hat to elaborate hanging chandeliers. But for better or worse, don’t stop by expecting the Leaky Cauldron.