Why We're Already Obsessed with Harry Josh's New Curling Iron

Harry Josh Curling Iron
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Any beauty buff worth her Harry Josh blow dryer is very familiar with the power of its 80 mph windspeed and ability to lock in salon-perfect volume, so when we heard the pro had a new styling tool on the way, we already knew it was going to be good. Come September, the hairstylist behind the stunning waves seen on Gisele, Rose Byrne, Kate Hudson, and Miranda Kerr will be adding a curling iron to his range, which is going to give our current wand some serious competition. Josh's 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron is dressed up in his signature mint and black color scheme, and comes equipped with Jetson-level technology to ensure your style is the next best thing to having the stylist himself create the look. For example: The ceramic barrel emits negative ions on contact with your layers, which neutralize the positively-charged ones in your hair shaft to minimize damage while producing maximum shine.

Typically, Marcel irons are better left to the professionals as they can be difficult for the rest of us to maneuver, but the detatchable clip on Josh's version allows you to easily transition between a traditional curling iron and its salon-approved counterpart with ease. Additionally, the heater housed inside delivers an even temperature throughout the barrel, and can go from zero to 375 degrees farenheit (and any temperature in between) in a matter of seconds. Find the Harry Josh 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron starting in September for $175 exclusively at dermstore.com. It's a pretty penny, but considering how pretty your hair will be after taking it on a test-run, we figure the tool is definitely worth it.

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