Their film may be a bleak, dystopian thriller, but Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford can't seem to stop laughing. During a recent visit to the British daytime talk show This Morning, the stars of Blade Runner 2049 caught a particularly contagious case of the giggles while promoting their upcoming movie.

Early on, host Alison Hammond set the stage for an unconventional interview when she presented the actors with special liquor glasses from the original Blade Runner movie. When she admitted that she'd never actually seen the film, all three of them burst out laughing and basically never stopped. Just one minute into the conversation, Ford had Gosling laughing so hard that he had to steady himself with a sip of liquor from one of Hammond's glasses.

"I feel like that's where this is headed,'' Gosling said as he poured himself a drink.

The goofiness builds from there, and, at one point, Gosling, feigning frustration over Hammond's attention to Ford, exits the interview with an offer to help the camera crew instead.

Watch the hilarity ensue in the video above. Blade Runner 2049 storms into theaters Oct. 6.