By Joshua Lyon
Jul 13, 2015 @ 9:00 am
Jesse Grant/Getty

Happy birthday, Harrison Ford! The iconic Han Solo actor, who turns 73 today, made an appearance at Friday's Comic-Con Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel—his first public outing since a plane crash in March that left him with a broken pelvis and ankle. "I'm fine," he told the ecstatic crowd, who gave him a standing ovation when he arrived on stage. "I walked here, so how bad can it be?"

Attendees were treated to a SWTFA behind-the-scenes reel, and Ford acknowledged just how much the beloved series has changed his life. "The originals that I was part of, it was the beginning of my working life," he said. "I was very grateful for the success of the film."

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After the panel, Ford joined 6,500 fans for a free Star Wars concert performed by the San Diego Symphony. Everyone was given a souvenir lightsaber, and Ford pretended to use his as a cane!

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