Star Wars: The Force Awakens Panel At San Diego Comic Con - Comic-Con International 2015
Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty

Happy birthday, Harrison Ford! The iconic Han Solo actor, who turns 73 today, made an appearance at Friday's Comic-Con Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel—his first public outing since a plane crash in March that left him with a broken pelvis and ankle. "I'm fine," he told the ecstatic crowd, who gave him a standing ovation when he arrived on stage. "I walked here, so how bad can it be?"

Attendees were treated to a SWTFA behind-the-scenes reel, and Ford acknowledged just how much the beloved series has changed his life. "The originals that I was part of, it was the beginning of my working life," he said. "I was very grateful for the success of the film."

After the panel, Ford joined 6,500 fans for a free Star Wars concert performed by the San Diego Symphony. Everyone was given a souvenir lightsaber, and Ford pretended to use his as a cane!

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