By Marianne Mychaskiw
Sep 04, 2014 @ 8:30 am
Courtesy (4), Time Inc. Digital Studio

Any '90s girl worth her Caboodle kit and Tamagotchi is likely to be familiar with Hard Candy cosmetics—many of us rushed out to buy a bottle (or 10) of the brand's cute, ring-adorned nail lacquer after Alicia Silverstone wore their baby blue shade to a 1995 taping of The Late Show with David Letterman, and the brand's history continues to be the stuff our teenage entrepreneurial dreams were made of. Founder Dineh Mohajer and her sister Pooneh actually mixed the now-iconic hue by hand to match Dineh's new pair of Charles David sandals, and the rest is history. After a few years off of store shelves in the mid-aughts, Hard Candy made a comeback in 2009, taking their nail offerings and the rest of the line in a new direction, and in the meantime, Dineh had something else up her sleeve ...

Mohajer then left the company to start the Disney Couture label with business partner Jeanne Chavez, but now, she's back in the beauty game with the Smith & Cult nail brand! The glamorous bottles may not boast a heart-shaped plastic ring this time around, but the rainbow of trendy shades certainly don't disappoint, and each color includes an interesting backstory almost rivaling those on Orange Is the New Black. Mohajer and Chavez penned a journal titled Diary of a Beauty Junkie, which contains a collection of 30 fun stories based around each of the hues. Though the diaries won't be for sale, you'll have the chance to read up on the anecdotes while getting a manicure at one of the brand's salon distributors. "[The line] is based on being a beauty junkie and having diaries that come in and out and are ever evolving," Mohajer tells WWD. "It keeps the freshness of the line." The Smith & Cult line is available right now, priced $18 per bottle at Mohajer and Chavez are also planning on launching lip glosses in 2015, which poses the question: Is it too early to start petitioning for their slimline eye shadow palettes to make a comeback? We're sure Cher Horowitz would totally be on board.

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