By Jennifer Davis
Updated Jul 22, 2014 @ 6:50 am
Prince George
Credit: Government House NZ via Getty Images

Happy birthday, Prince George! It’s been quite an eventful first year for our favorite little royal, and we’ve been happily following his every adorable milestone.

From his first public appearance outside of St. Mary’s Hospital at just one day old to his tour of Australia and New Zealand at eight months, he’s captivated us every step of the way thanks to his chubby cheeks and playful personality. We’ve seen him interact with a Bilby at the zoo, make friends at a play date, and fawn over mom Kate Middleton’s gorgeous hair (who can blame him?). He's also become quite the baby trendsetter thanks to his penchant for overalls and sailboat-embroidered smocks.

However, some of our favorite parts of his first year are the sweet family moments that have been captured, including the photo above of him resting his head on his mom's shoulder.