Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton! Take a Look Through the Presidential Hopeful's Power-Pantsuit Collection

Hillary Clinton Pantsuits - LEAD
Photo: Scott Olson/Getty

In less than two weeks, Hillary Clinton may very well be elected the first female president of the United States of America—but enough about that for now, there's something more pressing on the horizon: There's a birthday to celebrate!

The presidential hopeful turns 69 today and though it’ll be difficult to top the campaigning that marked her 68th year, something tells us the year to come may have even more in store for the record-setting politician.

As the election draws near, it’s important to acknowledge Clinton’s change-making legacy, which has flourished through her decades in politics. The former secretary of state has done a lot for causes she holds near to her heart. And on a lighter note, there's also the legacy Clinton leaves in the sartorial realm: The woman truly knows her way around a pantsuit.

The seasons may change, the hot trends may stagnate, but Clinton’s pantsuits will never fail us.

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Browse through here for a look back at Clinton’s standout pantsuit collection.

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