Dita von Teese and her Von Follies Lingerie
Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Happy 42nd birthday, Dita Von Teese! The pin-up queen has had a busy year building her rhinestone-encrusted empire, which now includes four seductive perfumes, her Von Follies line of ravishing lingerie and an it's-raining-glitter burlesque show, Strip Strip Hooray.

We caught up with the burlesque bombshell at a New York City event for her newly launched line of maternity lingerie with Destination Maternity—it includes a design as mythical as a unicorn: a glamorous nursing bra!

Noteable Quote

"I firmly believe in the power of lingerie." —@DitaVonTeese

Read on to see how Dita's spending her birthday, where she gets her design inspiration, and who was waiting for her back at her hotel.

Happy birthday! How are you celebrating your birthday this year? Oh! I gotta keep it top secret: I’m going glamping!

Really?! What do you wear going glamping? I don’t even know yet! I have a crazy wardrobe of like vintage clothes. I’ll pull out some funny glamping outfit.

I cannot wait to see that. I love seeing, “What’s Dita going to wear next?” I shop in a way where I fantasize about what I’m going to wear so it’s like, “Oh, I’m going to wear this when I go to Egypt and sail the Nile!” “Oh! I’m going to wear this in the English countryside!” I always make up scenarios which is why I have an absurd collection of costumes.

I love that. You have to bring a little glamour into your life! Mmhmm!

And since you’re such an icon of glamour, what’s an easy thing that any woman could do to bring a little bit of that into her life? I firmly believe in the power of lingerie. It’s something we need to wear every day. We have so many options now where we can have functional, beautiful things so I am a big advocate for beautiful lingerie. It doesn’t take any extra time, doesn’t take much thought as long as you can keep organized and find your matching things, then you can have something just for you!

It must be so fun to be designing your own line of lingerie now. Yeah! I mean, I first starting working in lingerie stores when I was a teenager.

I read you were 15-years-old! Yes, I was just 15! I was just a stock girl at 15, putting price tags on things, but I loved that job. And I worked in lingerie until I was in my mid-twenties and it's really what sparked my entire career as a pin-up model/burlesque dancer so it's come full circle. I have a big collection of vintage pieces and a library of vintage magazines and catalogs about vintage lingerie, so I referenced that a lot to create the collection.

I also read that you dye your own hair—is that true? Yeah, I did it today!

You just do it from a box? Yeah.

That's amazing. It’s just the way I’ve always done it. I believe in do-it-yourself. I don’t use a hair [person], a make-up team; I don’t use a stylist. I just work it out on my own.

That's amazing. You’re my hero. And your skin, besides your beautiful jet black hair, your skin is one of your signatures too. Thank you!

How do you take care of it? Sunscreen. I just believe in the health and care of the skin and letting your skin be in its natural state.

What SPF do you use? Not anything really unusual. Daily: 15 to 20. And if I know I'm going to be in the sun longer then I’ll go up to like 35 to 50.

Tell me: Who’s more spoiled Aleister Von Teese or Choupette Lagerfeld? I probably want to say that Choupette is probably more spoiled, really. Knowing Karl, you know, I think that cat is more spoiled. I think that cat has her own nanny. I take care of my little guy myself.

Is he waiting for you back at the hotel? He is! He’s in the hotel. He loves hotels!

I know that you’re best friends with Christian Louboutin. Yes!

Do you know how many pairs of his shoes you have or have you completely lost count? No, I just wouldn’t count something like that. I have better things to count—like my blessings in life! You know? I just can’t imagine counting something like that. Everyone always asks me, "How many pairs of shoes do you own?" Can you imagine sitting there counting your shoes? It seems really absurd.

That’s true. There are people with way more shoes than I have.

The Kardashians maybe? No, I think, the biggest—he was telling me—the biggest collector, there’s a famous writer who has the biggest collection of Louboutins. I won’t say who, but she has more than all the Kardashians combined.