Happy birthday, Bette Midler! The Divine Miss M, who defines the word multi-hyphenate, turns 69 today. Midler, who was born in Hawaii, began her career in the '60s as a theater actress in New York City before turning to singing, acting, and comedy, among other things. Throughout the course of her almost half a century-long career, which would later include film, music and TV, Midler has won three Grammys, four Golden Globes, three Emmys, and one Tony award, and has also been nominated for two Oscars. Not too shabby!

But that doesn't mean the "The Wind Beneath My Wings" singer plans on slowing down. Although in InStyle's March 1997 issue, which featured her on the cover (above), Midler did say, "Creativity is good for the soul, and work is a process of self-definition, of finding out who you are. But once you find out... You can lie down," she doesn't seem to be lying down anytime soon. The singer just released a new album, It's the Girls, and even covered TLC's famous R&B song, "Waterfalls." Here's to many more songs!