Happy 72nd Birthday to Harrison Ford (Here's Hoping the Leg Heals Fast)!

Harrison Ford's 72nd birthday
Photo: Mondadori Portfolio via Getty

Everything I wear is leftover wardrobe from some movie," Harrison Ford told InStyle in 2003 when he was our featured Man of Style. "I hate to shop." This leaves us wondering if we'll be seeing the actor, who turns 72 today, donning Han Solo's deep-V tee and black vest on the street sometime soon.

After years of shrugging off suggestions and speculation that he may reprieve the famous role, Ford was recently back on set playing the reluctant hero once again in the new J.J. Abrams–helmed Star Wars: Episode VII. (Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, and Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, are also reviving their characters from the first cast.) We were sad to hear that Ford suffered a mishap a few weeks ago during filming, and is currently recovering from a broken leg. Knowing Ford, the injury should not effect his natural swagger, which was clearly on display during our shoot and interview with the star 11 years ago.

When asked his approach to red carpet dressing, Ford provided what could be deemed the most manly answer possible. "I try to match the hatch," he said. "That's a fly-fishing term. When you go out to catch a fish, you try to imitate the natural feed. You use a fly, for instance, that looks to the fish like it's a naturally occurring meal. At events I just want to look like everybody else. I don't want to attract attention."

Hate to break to it you, Harrison, but your desire to not attract attention may be difficult to accomplish—especially with a crutch. Feel better soon!

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