Happy 70th Birthday, Lauren Hutton!

Lauren Hutton Birthday
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It's Lauren Hutton's 70th birthday today! The supermodel-turned-actress has certainly had an interesting life so far -- the beauty began working at New York City's now-infamous Playboy Club in the '60s, and after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tulane University in 1964, she took on the modeling world by storm with her stunning looks, trademark smile, and perfect hair. She starred in films like Paper Lion, American Gigolo, Once Bitten, and 54, and even produced her own talk show in the mid-90s. At 70, she's still got it, and we're in constant admiration of her adventurous outlook. "Curiosity must have killed only dumb cats -- I'm curious about everything. The biggest, the smallest, the fastest and slowest, the highest and lowest of everything, from stick insects to stars," Hutton told InStyle previously. "Most of life is treading water. I need to find out what really gives me joy and go do it again every time I forget." That's the spirit! Celebrate the icon's birthday by browsing the hairstyles that defined an era -- Lauren's included.

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