Betsey Johnson birthday
Credit: Getty Images

It was a (belated) birthday party last night for Betsey Johnson! After a tumultuous year, the cartwheeling designer, who has been in the business for nearly 50 years and is best known for her super feminine dresses and outrageous look, celebrated her 70th in style last night with a retrospective fashion show and the launch of her comeback dress line, complete with a performance by Cyndi Lauper! "I was so lucky to have my stores for as long as I did," Johnson told us backstage. "This new line is just so me. It's a little bit older, more mature, but it's still Betsey." For Johnson, that meant maturity with flare on nighties featuring Minnie Mouse and countless cupcake dresses, perfect for a glam Sweet 16 or a fun red carpet. Click through to see our 5 favorite dresses!