By Andrea Cheng
Updated Nov 26, 2014 @ 8:20 am
Gloves - Holiday Accessories
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Sub-zero temps? Blistering cold winds? Sheets of snow? Psh, we can take that and more, now that we've got our hands on the best gloves and mittens on the market. And thanks to zipper detailing, cool-girl hardware (think: grommets and oversize studs), shearling accents, and opera-length knits, these pairs are some of the most stylish too.

Combined with chunky knit beanies and even chunkier blanket-size scarves, we're prepped to weather anything that comes barreling our way. From elegant maroon leather gloves to playful (and totally practical) color-block zip-up mittens, shop our 19 picks to frostbite-proof your digits.