Halloween's Hottest Hair: Kate Gosselin's Daring 'Do

Halloween's Hottest Hair: Kate Gosselin's Daring 'Do
Photo: Michael Kovac/FilmMagic; Courtesy Photo

While we prefer to stay out of the whole Jon vs. Kate debate, we can't stop talking about Kate's hair. We've reported on the copycat cut phenomenon, asked our favorite hairstylists to suggest the perfect breakover and even given you the chance to try on the asymmetrical style. Now comes news that people are wigging out over the reality star's hair as they plan their Halloween costumes. A friend at Ricky's tells us they've sold thousands of "Eight is Too Much" wigs at RickysHalloween.com. Has Kate inspired this year's hottest Halloween look?

Kate Gosselin, Lady Gaga and the cast of New Moon! Try on our favorite Halloween hairstyles.

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