If you aren’t talking about Wonder Woman right now, exactly what are you doing? The film continues to smash box offices all around the world and make history while doing it.

Halle Berry is just as in love with Wonder Woman as we all are right now. And she took to Instagram to profess her love for the movie and its protagonist, Gal Gadot. “My #wcw is Gal Gadot, this girl is on [fire emoji],” the star gushed in a post. Agreed, Halle!

She continued: “I recently read that she took the role to empower other women and her two young daughters. I hope seeing Wonder Woman will bring out the superhero in each of us [muscle emoji].” It seems it already has, as women all around the world are talking about how the film has moved them on social media.

Halle Berry is no stranger to playing a strong female character herself, as she took on the role of Catwoman back in 2004, and her Instagram is full of positive messages pointed at women, much like a modern-day superhero.

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Here’s to hoping Patty Jenkins is signed on for the next Wonder Woman film soon, so we can get ready for the sequel!