By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Jul 21, 2017 @ 4:15 pm

At a San Diego Comic-Con panel on Thursday, Halle Berry faced a tough, loaded question: Is Kingsman more British than James Bond?

Instead of answering yay or nay, the actress took a very different course of action—and it involved a lot of bourbon.

It all started when her Kingsman: The Golden Circle co-star Channing Tatum helped pour out shots of Old Forester Statesman whisky (it has a tie-in with their movie) to the panelists, which also included Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal, and Taron Egerton. When it came to Berry's pint glass, however, Tatum ended up filling it to the halfway point.

Albert L. Ortega/Getty

Initially, Berry didn't seem interested in taking the "shot." But when asked to compare the Britishness of the two very British franchises, the former Bond girl chose to avoid the question—by downing the entire glass of liquid in less than 10 seconds. Watch it here:

While impressive, the speed at which Berry drinks the whisky makes our stomach turn. However, it seems possible that the beverage did not contain as much alcohol as one would think.

"I'm a little drunk right now! ... No, just kidding!" she joked to Entertainment Tonight after the panel. "I never drink and tell! Let that be a mystery to the world."

She also shared words of warning to those who feel like calling her out. "Never dare a girl like me to do anything," she said. "Because I just take the challenge."

Duly noted!

Catch Berry in Kingsman: The Golden Circle when it hits theaters Sept. 22.