Halle Berry Is Living Her Life Like It's "Golden" at 51

Growing older is truly a gift, and few demonstrate that notion better than ​Halle Berry.

On Monday, the Academy Award-winning actress celebrated her ​51st birthday, and, while she didn't reveal exactly how she spent her big day, she did divulge what music she listened to for the occasion.

During a short video shared to the ageless beauty's Instagram account, Berry displayed her curves in a slinky LBD near the ocean, with her birthday "theme song," Jill Scott's hit "Golden," playing in the background.

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"As I say hello to a new year of life, I'm reminded how rich life is when you are free to be exactly who you are meant to be... and loved because of it," Berry wrote. "Living my life like it's GOLDEN...🎶 #JillScott #Golden."

And Berry's life certainly is golden. She has ​two new films and ​an app in the works, but, mostly importantly, she's ​as fearless as ever.

We're wishing Berry the happiest birthday—and can't wait to see how she owns the rest of 2017 and beyond!

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