Halle Berry's Birthday Post Freed the Nipple

She's a proud member of the "no bra club."

With over 450,000 Likes racked up, Halle Berry is doing something right with her latest Instagram post. It could have something to do with the occasion — it's her birthday — but we're guessing it has more to do with the message. In a post meant to commemorate her 53rd birthday, Berry went all out and freed the nipple by posting a snapshot showing herself dancing in a wet T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan "no bra club."

Berry's famous pals were just as excited about the post as the rest of her followers. Viola Davis commented, "Happy birthday Halle! What a beautiful soul you are. Love you sis." Ciara chimed in with three fire emoji and "Happy Birthday Hot Mama!"

Berry's caption was a little more humble. "Leveled up, Circa '66," she wrote.

Halle Berry
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Berry has used her Instagram account for other big announcements, too, like the time she showed off her back tattoo and her buzz cut. She knows that she's got a captive audience and she's giving everyone a major birthday mood with her wet T-shirt post. Along with the see-through top, she's flipping her hair and making every single one of her followers pause during their usual scroll.

Earlier this month, she told InStyle that using Instagram has been freeing for her, noting that it lets her share messages without the filter of publicists. This NSFW birthday post is proof positive that she's doing exactly what she wants.

"Being able to run my own PR in a way on social media has been liberating. It wasn’t just to say, 'Oh, look at my fabulous life," she said. "It was like, 'How can I use this as a platform to represent who I am and to show my love of art?'"

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