Halle Berry and Michael Kors Work to End World Hunger (and Here's How You Can Too)

Halle Berry and Michael Kors
Photo: Courtesy Photo

The dynamic duo is at it again! Last spring, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry helped Michael Kors launch the Watch Hunger Stop campaign—a humanitarian effort to end world hunger in partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)—with the 100 Series watch, in which with every 100 purchased, 100 children in a hunger-stricken area received a meal. After successfully reaching their goal of delivering 5 million meals, the two have partnered again for the second time.

"I’m so pleased that Halle Berry has decided to continue her amazing work with us," Kors says. "Her enormous dedication to Watch Hunger Stop is one of the reasons we've reached so many people and helped deliver 5 million school meals. Halle’s talent and energy are inspiring, and I look forward to working together with her in the fight against hunger."

And the actress is already gearing up for work ahead. Berry has a trip with WFP to Nicaragua in the works where she'll be able to visit the local communities that have benefited from the campaign. In the fall, Berry will be promoting the latest 100 Series timepiece—a limited edition rose gold watch with a map of the world etched on a gray-blue dial (above). "I’m proud of what we’ve done together," the actress says, "and I'm eager to continue this effort to make a difference in the lives of people in need."

Feeling inspired? Head on over to destinationkors.com to see how you can make a difference. And take style inspiration from Berry with her stunning looks on and off the red carpet.

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