Hal Rubenstein On His New "Happy" Fashion Line For HSN and What Every Women Needs In Her Closet

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InStyle's very own founding editor and current editor-at-large, Hal Rubensteinhas the secret on how to get happy this spring and it's as easy as dressing in his latest collection for HSN! "The inspiration really is a continuation of beautiful tailored clothes for women in colors that remind me of spring," Rubenstein tells InStyle.com exclusively during the HSN Spring Fashion Lounge event in New York City. But this isn't the first time Rubenstein launched his eponymous line for HSN, just last summer he debuted his Fall collection, and this season he's back with clothing that embodies happiness. "We thought a lot about orchids, they’re so elegant and sensual, and we went through those colors that we thought were natural to orchids and to take shapes that also are familiar to people—like the trench, the denim jacket, the pencil skirt—but do them in beautiful fabrics and colors so that woman can immediately gravitate towards them."

The collection just made its debut on HSN today and now you can shop the full collection on hsn.com including the above Denise trench coat ($100), the Candy illusion stripe sheath dress ($80), and the leather Vanessa zipper waist jacket ($230). "I designed a collection for grown-ups, for women who have rich lives with families and other responsibilities, clothes that you can put on easily, zip up and you’re done. And in a color like that, in a fabric like that with beautiful laser cut perforations, it’s a shape that is so simple [and] so simply flattering," adds Rubenstein.

With over 25 years in the industry, Rubenstein knows a thing or two about fashion, so we picked his brain for his best winter styling tips, how to transition between seasons, and most importantly, what three things every woman needs in her closet. Scroll down to see what he has to say!

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What is the secret to looking chic in the cold? The whole key to that is of course, layering, but it's going through fabrics that provide you with warmth rather than bulk. Leave the bulk for the most outward piece of clothing you have, but for the other stuff, layer on light layers over and over again, but don’t dress for fashion, just realize before you walk out of the door, if it’s a blizzard! Acknowledge the season and then work some color in the wintertime.

What are your tips for transitioning from winter to spring? It depends on where you live, in New York it’s so bizarre because it could be 60 degrees one day and 35 degrees the next, so don’t put those clothes away so fast! If you buy clothes cleverly, you can actually wear most of your pieces 10 months out of the year.

What are the 3 items every woman should have in her closet? A pair of boots that when they put on make you feel like you're strutting down the street and that you own it. A coat with real drama, not an all-purpose coat, but a coat with real impact in terms of it's either silhouette, color, or fabrication, so that it truly matters. And the sexiest pair of earrings you can find.

Want more of Hal Rubenstein's HSN clothing line? Take a look at his Fall collection in our gallery!

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