Hair Tapestry
Credit: bleachlondon/Instagram

What do you get when you cross your friendship bracelet braiding skills with a Coachella-worthy hair trend? A hair tapestry, of course. In what might be 2015's answer to the hair wrap you got years ago on vacation, this look involves weaving yarn diagonally across a section of your layers, as opposed to downwards, and makes for some pretty interesting opportunities for color blocking. The movement isn't incredibly new—Bleach London, the trendy UK salon responsible for Georgia May Jagger's My Little Pony hue, sparked the craze during music festival season almost a year ago, and it's re-emerged as a trending topic on Instagram after Bleach set up a hair tapestry station at the FYF Fest in Los Angeles over the weekend. And just like that, the #HairTapestry tag became flooded with even more new designs. If the struggle associated with removing an old-school hair wrap bears any similarity to taking out a hair tapestry, rainbow tones à la Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus might be the most daring we're willing to go—but it's definitely a look that would do any flower crown-wearing festival-goer proud.