Credit: xostylistxo/Instagram

Fact: If it's popular on Instagram, either a marble texture or unicorn color scheme is involved. It's only natural that the internet should proceed to freak out over this Insta-famous hair technique created by hair colorist Ash Fortis, which combines both. It's almost like Lisa Frank redesigned your marble-printed Lumee phone case.

The process itself involves bleaching out your color to a pale blonde, as most day-glo hair trends do, but the marbled finish itself involves an unconventional—and super-mesmerizing—application technique, which she documents in the Instagram video below.

Fortis applies a layer of shaving cream to a foam mesh strip, then applies drops of Pulp Riot hair color over the top. With a brush, she'll mix and swirl the colors until a marble-esque pattern is created, then applies each of the strips directly to the hair, just as you would with foils.

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The pro certainly puts the term "creative" in creative color—aside from the marble finish above, she's translated crystals like moonstone into hair color form, regularly paints with all the colors of the wind, and even did an effect she coined "hologram hair" for a few of her Coachella-bound clients.