By Samantha Faragalli and Victoria Moorhouse
Mar 30, 2018 @ 12:45 pm
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The first time someone asked me if I wanted a gloss or a glaze, I thought they were offering me donuts. The answer in that situation is obviously yes to both, but much to the sadness of my sweet tooth, they weren't referencing desserts. They were referring to my hair, and given that I was at salon, it made sense. In the beauty world, glosses and glazes are both hair treatments that add shine back to your hair, but they do have some small differences that are important to consider. Which one you choose depends on what your specific hair needs are.

Below, find out exactly what each treatment entails, how long they last, and how often you should get them so the shiny effect sticks around.


According to Carline Ortega, a colorist at Rita Hazan Salon in New York City, a hair glaze is temporary. Glazes can be clear to just add shine, or they can have some pigment to complement the tone of your hair color. She says that unlike a gloss, a glaze does not contain peroxide or ammonia. It simply coats or sits on top of the hair. Incapable of depositing or lifting color from the hair cuticle, they are even more temporary than a gloss.

How long do they last?

1-2 weeks.

Why should you get a hair glaze?

A glaze is used when the objective is primiarily to give the hair that extra shine or give the color a slight boost. It's like the energy drink of hair color.

How often should you get a glaze?

A glaze should be a part of your salon regimen. You should get one on every hair color appointment. Most colorists work this into your treatment—you might be getting one without even knowing it. In between visits, Ortega recommends using an at-home formula. 

A few products to consider include Oscar Blandi Vivid Clear Shine Glaze ($15;, PRAVANA Nevo Color Enhancer Treatment ($18;, and John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine ($13;

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Celebrity stylist Danny Moon says a hair gloss is a transparent, semi-permanent shine service that can be done both at the salon or at home. He says it works to fill the hair, close the cuticle, and create a smooth surface that light bounces off of for immense shine. The gloss overlays the strand of hair, creating a protective shield that keeps color molecules in your hair.

How long do they last?

3 to 4 weeks.

Why should you get a gloss?

You should get a gloss if you want to help maintain your current hair color.

How often should you get a gloss?

Moon recommends getting a gloss as needed to achieve the look that you desire. This might be once to twice a month.

At-Home Glosses We Love

If you want to try a gloss at home, try Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss ($26; PRAVANA Silk Degrees Demi-Permanent Shine Treatment ($14;, or BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Bb. Color Gloss ($34;