Hair Detox: The Best Products For Nursing Damaged Strands Back to Health

Heat styling alone can do a number on once-healthy hair, but elements like dry air or the occasional highlighting process can add to the damage, leaving your strands in need of some serious TLC. For us, a moisturizing mask like Aveda's Dry Remedy ($34; is a must for repairing parched strands. We're obsessed with how the formula adds a significant boost in hydration without weighing down our hair, not to mention the super-shiny finish it creates after you rinse it out. If one too many trips to the salon leaves you seeking out extra insurance, a reconstructor like TIGI's Dumb Blonde ($30;, is your best bet. Since blonde hair -- whether from a bottle or all-natural -- tends to be more porous than other hair hues due to the lack of pigment, the extra dose of keratin is especially important. It actually enters the hair shaft to fill in the gaps created by chemical processing, resulting in highlights that are more stunning than straw-like.

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Heat styling alone can do a number on hair, so hydrating masks are a must to repair the damage.

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In need of serious damage control? We put together a list of the most-nourishing deep conditioners, hydrating hair masks, and heavy-duty reconstructors to bring your strands back to their top form. Click through to see each product now.

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