20 Hair Care Tips That'll Give You the Best Tresses in 2016

close up of woman with long brown hair
Photo: Getty Images

Through the years, you've probably heard tons of amazing hair care tips and tricks to keep your mane looking its best. With all the celebrity ideas, DIY tricks from your mom, or wherever else you get your source of hair care info, there are a few standouts that will always prove useful to your routine.

Some may be obvious—dry shampoo is the KEY to keeping your blowout looking fresh for days—while others may be news to you. Did you know that honey is the key to glowing locks? Add a dollop of sweet honey to your favorite shampoo for shinier highlights. Don't be afraid to try an unconventional trick when in a pinch—for example, eye shadow powder is perfect for covering up gray roots if your salon appointment isn't for a few weeks!

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