Hailey Bieber's Wedding Dress Had a Tiny Detail Fashion Insiders Will Instantly Recognize

It's a signature Off-White move.

Anyone taking bets on the designer of Hailey Bieber's wedding gown probably didn't even think to include Off-White's Virgil Abloh, but he did, in fact, design one of the bride's three dresses. By now, everyone's well aware that Bieber's veil had the message "TILL DEATH DO US PART" across it in signature Off-White style, but in a new video made for Vogue, there's a close look at one more very Off-White details on the back of the gown: "WEDDING DRESS" spelled out in tiny pearls at the small of Bieber's back.

Bieber explained to Vogue that she wanted to blend her signature street style with traditional wedding motifs like lace, pearls, and a long silhouette. She let Abloh take the lead, but she had some input, too.

"From day one I said I wanted Virgil to do my dress," Bieber said. "I didn't want somebody who was a wedding dress designer. I just feel like my style and my street style is so, is such a part of who I am. And Virgil has kind of just like always been in my corner since the beginning and I just feel like it's cool to see such an intricate gown from him."

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Bieber was adamant about the dress's sleeves. She had a clear vision for that detail as well as aspects of the back of the gown.

"I was specific on the sleeves. I knew I wanted them to be long and onto my hands. I knew I wanted it to be this silhouette. I knew I wanted my back to be showing."

Maeve Reilly, Bieber's stylist, gave more up-close looks at the dress, including the Off-White embellishment.

Abloh shared his thoughts on the design, too. He said that he wanted to create something that showed off Bieber's femininity, but also wanted a dress that would make Justin Bieber well up with emotion, as well. Justin's love of streetwear and Off-White has been well-documented, so there's no doubt all the little details got past him.

"What I think is most important for her on this day is showcasing the woman that she is," Abloh said in the Vogue video. "I've known Justin for a couple years as well, too, and I wanted to make something that made him look in Hailey's eyes and see that, you know, she's the most beautiful woman for him, so that's a lot of what the dress silhouette is inspired by, is bringing an emotion to the moment that he sees her walking down the aisle with the veil on and lifts it in."

In addition to the lacy Off-White gown, Hailey wore a custom Vera Wang asymmetric slip dress paired with sneakers and a Ralph & Russo gown with a high slit.

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