"I am claiming all candy for the glory of God and the celebration of the Saints."

Halloween was originally the Celtic festival of Samhain, but Hailey Bieber says that it's hers now. The model du jour explained that she's reclaiming the holiday, which involved dressing up to scare off evil spirits way, way back when Pagans used the festival of Samhain to mark the end of the harvest season. According to BuzzFeed News, the subject came up during fan Q&A on Instagram when a fan asked her, "Halloween yes or no." Instead of a simple yes or no, Bieber launched into a lengthy description of how she's taken incorporated the holiday into her own beliefs.

Hailey Bieber
Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

"I'm a Christian. Do you have any idea what that means historically?" she wrote. "It means I redefine everything in culture. Pagan Feast of Winter Solstice? Oh that’s now JESUS BIRTHDAY. Pagan Feast of Spring Planting? Oh that's now EASTER WEEKEND. Pagan Celtic Festival involving dressing up and warding off evil spirits? Oh now it's ALL SAINTS DAY and we celebrate the VICTORIOUS CHURCH THAT HAS BEEN OVERCOME BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB!!! CANDY PLEASE!!!"

She continued: "I'm not afraid of the world. I'm not afraid of any devil or demon or incantation. They are terrified of me. Halloween is now MY HOLIDAY and I am claiming all candy for the glory of God and the celebration of the Saints. What now? I'll dress up however I like! My favorite characters, pop culture stuff, whatever. It’s my party and you're invited. I'm alive today and a Saint tomorrow. Give me candy."

"Give me candy." Fair enough.

BuzzFeed notes that Bieber's statements come from the Nathan Finochio, a teaching pastor at the Hillsong church in New York City, where she and her husband attend services. He posted the same statements on his Instagram Story. Hailey was raised as an Evangelical Christian and has come under fire recently for commenting on Halloween, saying that her future children would celebrate the holiday and asking her followers for costume ideas. A follower accused her of being a "FAKE CHRISTIAN" after she mentioned her plans for Halloween. Her latest post echoes her past feelings toward the holiday. She'll celebrate it, thank you very much, and anyone questioning her faith can continue to question it. She's firm in her beliefs.

"I'm here to represent Jesus through me for other people — for His will to be done,” she said in a documentary for Hillsong called Now With Natalie. "I think that the second that we feel like we're too high and mighty, we're always reminded that it's not about us. Nothing is about me, or you, or really anybody. It's about us being a vessel for Jesus to be seen.”