Hailey Baldwin Shares Her Tips for Flawlessly Rocking a Swimsuit Like She Does

Hailey Baldwin
Photo: haileybaldwin/Instagram

Hailey Baldwin probably woke up like this, but you don’t have to be a teenage model to smolder on vacation.

In fact, the 19-year-old beauty recently revealed her hush-hush secret to making sure her poolside one- and two-pieces look sublime. “You should always wear something that’s never too small on you, that’s a good fit for your body,” she told InStyle. Noted, Hailey.

But what else can we steer towards to adopt her style? “I don’t like to wear bikinis that are too small. Some girls are really into the look of it kind of, like, going up your butt, but I don’t like that—that’s not what I’m into,” she said. “I like bright colors because when I’m tan, obviously it makes you look tanner. I love a good white bikini. I just recently wore this olive-colored one-piece that I was really into. That’s like, my favorite, one of my favorite colors to wear on me, specifically, olive green.”

That olive-colored design (above) isn’t the only one she loves, considering she frequently takes to Instagram to flaunt her toned physique.

As for whether she abides by any Instagram-related M.O., let’s just say Baldwin has a one-track mind. “I post whatever I feel like now. I try to keep it more geared towards my work, but you know, not afraid to throw up a picture that I think is cute.”

Same here, girl.

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