By Victoria Moorhouse
Apr 10, 2019 @ 12:45 pm
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

While everyone else is going chocolate brown for spring, Hailey Baldwin is straying far from the trending spring beauty path (and her creamy blonde norm) with highlighter-yellow hair. Seriously, if you were the swatch a highlighter on a piece of paper, this would be the color you'd get. 

We got a peek at her new neon yellow lob in a behind-the-scenes pic from her Adidas campaign shoot. She posted the bright new hair color on her Instagram Stories, which means we replayed the snap about 34 times to get a closer look. Styled in wet-looking, messy waves, the neon yellow color was paired with exposed dark roots. 


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The roots appear even darker than we've seen in the past from Baldwin, so we're assuming this might just be a wig, but only time, and her next paparazzi photo, will tell. 

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While pastel blue and pink are mainstays when it comes to spring hair color trends, we have yet to see neon shades really stick around for a long period of time. 

Maybe Hailey Baldwin will make the world a neon hair color belieber.