Is This Hailey Baldwin's Engagement Ring?

It hasn’t been even 48 hours since news of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s engagement broke, but we’re already scouring the web for details like it’s our job (well, in our case, it actually is).

Bieber reportedly requested that all bystanders at the restaurant where he proposed on Saturday night respect his and Baldwin’s privacy, so there aren’t any photos or videos of the moment (that we know of, yet). However, the rest of their tropical getaway was fair game for fans and paparazzi alike, so you know those camera phones were out and ready to snap an image of Baldwin’s new ring finger bling.

And OK, we can’t tell a lot about the diamond from these far-off and blurry photos, but one thing is certain: it’s massive. Good eye, JB!

Hailey took to Instagram herself to show off a certain ring on Monday, though it looks a little different than the rock she was wearing earlier. Maybe she flipped it around? Anything's possible.

Following the precedent set by Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Hailey and Justin put a (engagement) ring on it just weeks after they started dating. However, this isn’t the first time the duo has put their chemistry to the test—the longtime friends also dated in 2016 following speculation that they'd been together on and off again for years.

Despite denying that their romance was anything more than casual, the pair started hanging out again this summer, making appearances for the paparazzi together in Miami and New York and eventually, catching up with Pete and Ariana faster than expected.

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