By Jennifer Davis
Updated Nov 19, 2014 @ 4:00 pm
Sal Perez
Credit: Courtesy

Can you picture Dr. Mindy Lahiri as a mentor to hospital interns? Well, neither could she. Though it’s not for the reason you might expect: “Aren’t I too young to teach?” she asks Dr. Jean Fishman (Niecy Nash), at the start of this week's The Mindy Project. “I think the students would be very confused. They’d be like, ‘She’s our teacher? She should be the star of her own Disney show.’”

With that attitude, it comes as no surprise that she tries to shirk her duties by getting Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) to fill in. However, her trick is short lived, and she must leave her date night and head to the hospital. For this scene, costume designer Salvador Perez dressed her in an intentionally inappropriate look. “Mindy wanted to look youthful because she thinks she’s too young to be teaching,” says Perez, which explains her ultra-casual jumpsuit and plaid shirt (above).

Unfortunately, her teaching duties don’t go so well. She offends one of her male students and Jean must intervene. At least when she confronts Mindy about her misconduct, she looks fabulous in a coordinating pink look (above). “It’s a very basic silhouette, but when you use a great color it’s magic,” says Perez. To make sure the looked stayed sophisticated he gave the outfit contrast with a patterned top. “Had the top been solid pink it could’ve been Legally Blonde! Breaking it up gave it more sophistication.”

On a mission to make amends, Mindy heads to the gym in a chic workout look. “You’re going to the gym to look better, so why not look better when you’re at the gym!” says Perez. With that philosophy in mind, he dressed her in a bright Preen hoodie and Stella McCartney for Adidas sneakers. “I think that people want to be comfy at the gym but it can be fitted without being tight,” he advises. Though even he can admit that Mindy’s look wasn’t gym appropriate. “That Preen hoodie is not meant to be sweat in.”

We’ll be chatting with Perez every week about our favorite looks from The Mindy Project, so be sure to check back in next week!

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