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Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

If you're a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow's ultra-healthy diet regiment, you're in luck. The health guru and her longtime trainer Tracy Anderson have announced that they are launching a food line together, making following her guidelines that much easier.

According to Hamptons Magazine, Paltrow and Anderson have started a food line called 3 Green Hearts which features healthy, organic meals on the go. The line will feature dishes like made-that-day juices and smoothies, gluten-free pastas with herbs and roasted tomatoes, quinoa salads, grilled salmon, fish tacos, and kale ravioli, as well as yummy treats like frosting shots—minus anything processed.

“I see people showing up for their workouts and the ones that get the insane results are the ones where I’m doing their food too,” Anderson told the mag. “All of the ingredients [in 3 Green Hearts meals] are organic and everything is sourced to the highest standards of food quality, that we know is vital for us to get out of this processed, de-natured world that we live in with food. If I can get a lot of the additives or the common allergens out of people’s diets, then I can help them lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, vitality, and energy. It’s just about food that is going to optimize people.”

Currently the meals are only avaialble as take-out from Anderson's East Hampton and Water Mill Studios. The duo plans to eventually expand to other locations, as well as branch out into green cleaning products and paraben-free beauty offerings.

Paltrow is also currently working on her third cookbook, which will tackle healthy comfort food.