By Sydney Mondry
Updated Mar 06, 2016 @ 4:15 pm
Gwyneth Paltrow Goop - LEAD
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Actress and lifestyle blogger Gwyneth Paltrow is one of our go-to gurus for all things food. So when she recently took to Instagram to document a meal she described as “Mind blowing. Sublime. Perfect," we knew we had to get the recipe.

The dish, a bowl of crispy tempura served over rice, comes from Tempura Endo, a new L.A.-based Japanese eatery specializing in Kyoto-style tempura. In addition to the queen of Goop, the omakase restaurant (which only has eight seats), has hosted celebs like Cameron Diaz and English model and actress Liberty Ross.

Owner and chef Koichi Endo and head chef Satoshi Masuda, who both hail from Kyoto, Japan, gave InStyle a simplified recipe so that you can whip up Paltrow’s “mind blowing” meal in your own kitchen.

Tempura Vegetables

Serves 4


Kakiage (seafood or vegetables for frying)
2 shrimp, shell removed and de-veined
2 oz of vegetables (carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin)
1 liter cottonseed oil, for frying
4 cups rice, for serving

For the Sauce
1 ⅔ cup water
2/3 cup Koikuchi soy sauce
1 ⅔ oz Mirin
3 oz brown sugar

For the Batter
1 egg yolk
1 cup cold water
1 cup flour


1. In a pot, bring cottonseed oil to 360°F.
2. Mix all sauce ingredients together in a bowl and set aside.
3. Cut and dice the shrimp and vegetables to preferred size.
4. Combine batter ingredients; be careful not to over mix.
5. Coat the shrimp and vegetables in the batter, then deep fry in the cottonseed oil until crispy and lightly golden in color.
6. Dip the kakiage in the sauce, and divide it into four separate servings.
7. Fill four bowls with 1 cup of rice each. Top them with the pre-portioned servings of kakiage, and serve.