Love her or love to hate her, part of Gwyneth Paltrow’s indisputable charm is her self-awareness — she knows what you’re saying about her jade eggs and bee pollen facials, and it’s not going to stop her from ruling her wellness empire with a freshly moisturized iron fist.

With her upcoming Netflix special, The goop Lab, Paltrow appears to be leaning way into everything she knows will turn to Twitter fodder in less time than it takes to say “vulva.” In the new poster for the program, the lifestyle wears a pale pink dress and stands at the center of a graduated color spectrum of almond-shaped pink rings, the likes of which bear a decidedly uncoincidental resemblance to a vagina. Though the visual metaphor is hardly ambiguous, the special’s tagline buries any last shred of uncertainty: “Reach new depths.”

As expected, Twitter had some fun with the poster:

A new trailer for The goop Lab dropped on Monday morning as well, and it has everything you could imagine: exorcisms, vulvas, psychedelics, you name it …

Jan. 24 can’t come quick enough (pun only sort of intended).